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An Earnest Money Agreement is a contract between the owner of real estate and a potential buyer who wants to purchase the real estate. The process usually starts with the buyer making a written offer with specific terms under which the buyer is willing to purchase. The buyer offers the terms in a proposed Earnest Money Agreement to the real estate owner. The written offer needs to include details of the terms and of conditions under which the buyer is willing to purchase.

Some of the basic terms and conditions of the Earnest Money Agreement are:

  1. A proper description of the real estate;
  2. The purchase price and how the purchase price will be paid;
  3. The amount of earnest money paid by the buyer, and when the buyer has a right to terminate the contract and recover the earnest money;
  4. Where escrow will occur, and when the transaction is to be completed (Closing);
  5. The right of the buyer to have a specific periods of time to do due diligence investigations of the real estate (identifying the buyer’s expectations of conditions that must be met related to valuation, physical inspection and condition, examination of title, and/or availability of financing) to determine if the expectations of the buyer can be met;
  6. The rights, if any, of the seller to cure any of the defects found by the buyer; an
  7. What constitutes a breach of contract (non-performance) by the seller or buyer, and what are the remedies available to the non-breaching party.
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Review of the Earnest Money Agreement by your attorney before signing and presentation to the other party is clearly the best approach. However, an alternative is to include a condition in the offer or acceptance that the terms and form of Earnest Money Agreement must be approved by your attorney.
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