Child Support

Child Support

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Child Support In Oregon

The child support issue can occur within divorce, paternity, juvenile, child custody, or child guardianship cases. When a child is under 18 years old, a parent may have a child support obligation due to the other parent or a third party caring for the child. In Oregon, for a child 18 years old and under 21 years old, both parents may have a child support obligation for a child attending school.

Child support in Oregon is determined by State of Oregon Child Support Guidelines. The State of Oregon Department of Justice has created a Child Support Calculator on the internet which can be used to calculate the parents’ child support obligations. The calculator produces two components of the child support obligation - a cash child support obligation and a cash medical support obligation.

The main factors used in determining the child support are:

  1. Gross income of each parent;
  2. The number of children;
  3. Parenting time each parent has with the child(ren);
  4. Availability and costs of medical insurance; and
  5. Child care costs.

The child support calculator can be used successfully by a non-attorney; however, what information to insert into the calculator, how the inserted information influences the calculations, and what the resulting child support amount means are not always obvious. Take a look at the calculator, try to work through the calculator, and then you may want to invest in an attorney’s initial consultation for some help.

Child Support - Child Attending School

In Oregon, when a child is 18 years old and under 21 years old and is attending school, both parents may have a child support obligation for the child.

A “child attending school” is an expanding and changing legal issue in Oregon. A child who is 18 years old, under the age of 21, and attending school, is entitled to receive child support from his/her parents. This child will have to be made a named party to the parents’ court case. I have yet to find a child who likes the idea of being made a party to his/her parents’ divorce case.

A "child attending school” is an unmarried child who is making satisfactory academic progress as a student with a course load that is not less than one-half of a full-time enrolled student.

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A school can be a high school, community college, four-year college or university, professional, vocational or technical training, high school equivalency course, GED program, or home schooling.

An experienced family law lawyer can give you a better understanding of your child support rights and obligations as a parent or child for a “child attending school.”

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