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Neighbors can form different opinions as to the boundary line of their adjoining properties. The source of the misunderstanding can be conflicting surveys or an old fence line. The problem becomes amplified when there is a major encroachment resulting from the varied potential positioning of the property line. A long existing encroachment can easily add the contentious issue of adverse possession. A valid adverse possession claim can result in a change of ownership of the real property subject to the adverse possession claim. If neighbors cannot resolve their different opinions, the dispute often results in a Quiet Title and/or Encroachment lawsuit.

Even if the neighbors are able to resolve their disagreement by both neighbors accepting the old fence line as the property line, that agreement is probably not the end of the legal problem. The old fence line may not match the historical deeded property line, thereby creating future problems with deeding the real property to a future buyer. Even if the two property owners agree that one property owner will deed property to match the old fence line, several obstacles still remain. The local County or City Government will see the deeding of a portion of an existing tax lot as an illegal partition. The City or County will require the property owners to go through a land use planning process called Lot Line Adjustment. Further, if the property owner deeding a portion of his/her real property has a creditor with a secured interest in the real property, then the property owner cannot deed, free and clear, a portion of his/her real property without first obtaining approval of the creditor - partial release of the security interest.

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The potential legal issues resulting from a boundary dispute can become very complicated. A real estate attorney experienced in resolving boundary disputes will probably become necessary to work through the details associated with a property line dispute with a neighbor.

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