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Most small businesses will lease office, retail, warehouse, land, and/or manufacturing commercial real estate space. The owner of a commercial rental space can be a local individual, regional developer, or national real estate company. Some small local owners use a simple preprinted written lease agreement, but most commercial property owners have a long detailed written commercial lease. Unlike residential leases, there is very little Oregon statutory law applicable to commercial leases. The terms of the written commercial lease specify and control the rights and obligations between the commercial landlord and tenant. The rational behind this concept are that two knowledgeable businessmen can each look after their respective financial and legal interests: the principle of caveat emptor (buyers beware) is very alive and well in commercial leases.

The commercial lease should include basic terms such as the amount of periodic rent, when rent will increase, length of the lease, rights of renewal, who can make improvements, costs of improvements, who covers utilities, who will make repairs, and who will be financially responsible for repairs. When a written lease is referred to as a standard form lease by a property owner, the potential tenant needs to understand there is no universal standard written commercial lease. The property owner is referring to its preferred terms for a commercial lease. Most property owners’ commercial leases are primarily or exclusively worded to protect the property owner. There is sound reasoning for taking this approach. The property owner is the owner and has the right to set the terms under which the owner will let someone else possess and use the commercial space.

However, the potential tenant needs to have an excellent understanding of the tenants rights and obligations under the terms of the commercial lease. Are the terms of use, rent, length of lease, and future financial responsibilities acceptable to the potential tenant? If the landlord is prepared to negotiate a modification of the terms to address the potential tenant’s concerns, any modifications must be reflected in the written terms of the lease. Verbal agreements left out of the written agreement will most likely be disregarded when there is a dispute.


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An experienced real estate attorney familiar with commercial leases can help you understand the confusing terms of the lease, help prepare and submit counter proposals, help negotiate terms, and help you in enforcement action on the commercial lease.

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